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The Missing Worldview Element for a Faithful Christian Politic

Sep 29, 2023

Today David notes a pervasive aspect of social order and law that seems to be wholly missing from the Christian worldview or, more broadly, Christian cosmology. He uses Herman Bavinck, A.W. Pink, William Blackstone, the U.S. Constitution, and a familiar 1992 SCOTUS decision to demonstrate his point. Faithful politics must begin to deal with this forgotten cosmological reality.

Does Your Favorite Politician “Contend for the Faith”

Sep 22, 2023

Today, David reports on a meeting in Washington, DC featuring remarks by four Christian conservative members of Congress and one former member. God, Jesus, faith, and Bible verses were referenced easily during the evening, with one prominent leader saying he would continue to “contend for the faith.” But was he doing that? Find out why David ended the evening saying, “I just can’t do this kind of thing anymore.”

What Does Faith-Filled and Faith-less Politics Look Like

Sep 14, 2023

If Christians are to live “by the law of faith” what does that look like as a practical matter? Today, David uses two real-life examples to demonstrate the difference and then gives his thoughts, drawn from his own failure and from Luke 18, on the principle from which faith-filled politics should spring.

What Does a Son of Issachar Look Like in the World of Law and Politics Today?

Sep 8, 2023

Because the sons of Issachar had an “understanding of the times,” they knew what Israel should do. But do the people who lead us in politics and in law, even the Christians, really understand the times, what historian Carl Becker called the “climate of opinion” that determines whether any argument—for law or otherwise—can even make sense? Today David uses Becker and the Scriptures to help us understand the times and whether our leaders understand them.

What Is a Cosmology Worldview vis-à-vis a Biblical Worldview?

Sep 1, 2023

Today David explains why he ended last week’s program saying he was “giving up” on a Biblical worldview if it was not set in the context of a Cosmological worldview. He speaks to what the former led to in his political thinking and lays the foundation for putting a Biblical worldview inside a Cosmological worldview for the sake of reshaping the way Christians engage in politics and law.

Power Politics and the Discipling of the Nations

Aug 25, 2023

Despite the Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition, and subsequent Christian policy and political organizations, Christian virtue in our society has waned. Some think that is a sign of the end times. David examines what this says about our knowledge of God and creation and offers a reason for hope found in the strangest of places.

What Should We Expect Our Laws to Do?

Aug 18, 2023

Every year thousands of pieces of proposed legislation are filed by state legislators across the country, and hundreds become enacted law. Ever thought about what we expect those laws to do based on what the Bible says law does and how God uses law? David offers valuable insight on why the “good” laws we get enacted seem to do so little good.

How Would William Blackstone Evaluate Today’s Christian Legal Advocates

Aug 11, 2023

David uses a quote from William Blackstone’s famous Commentaries about common law that explains the two foundations for human law and how they were applied to various kinds of social issues. He uses it to test the legal arguments being made in court by leading pro-family advocates in defense of laws involving children and medical procedures affecting their reproductive systems. The contrast may shock you.

Can the U.S. Constitution be a Sufficient Legal Substitute for God?

Aug 4, 2023

Having eliminated all the alternatives for grounding an ethical legal system to that grounded in a “transcendent and immanent” God, law professor Arthur Leff turns us to the U.S. Constitution as a possible substitute. Both David and Leff find trust in an authoritative Constitution misplaced and unworkable. The evidence is found even in the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision reversing Roe v. Wade.

Why Intelligent and Educated People Reject Reasoned Policy Arguments

Jul 28, 2023

Ever wonder why some policy positions or legal arguments are not simply a matter of logic or reason or common senses. For you they are plain as day. For instance, how could any educated person think a biological boy can become a girl? David will explain what changed over the centuries that led educated people to throw out reasoning based on “the facts” as basis for law and public policy.

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