We are constantly reminded how, through God’s faithfulness and our strong and loyal supporters, FACT has helped Tennessee become the “first” and often “only” state to enact certain socially conservative and biblically based laws.

Strong Abstinence Law

We brought to the Legislature and helped pass the strongest abstinence law in the nation. Moreover, we became the first and only state to give parents a legal remedy against organizations that come into our schools and encourage and promote sexual activity among our children.

Religious Freedom Restoration Act and no sogi Law

We are the first and only state in the nation that has a religious freedom protection law (RFRA), a ban on local government imposing SOGI laws on private businesses, and no state sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI ) law. The only state with all three!

First to Bring Lawsuit Challenging Obergefell Case

We are the first and only state (and organization) in the nation to have filed a lawsuit challenging how the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision applies to state marriage license laws. And in support of that lawsuit, we became the first and only state that passed a resolution calling attention to the fact that Obergefell was an unconstitutional attempt by the Court to pass or amend a state marriage statute.

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