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Exposing the Christian Divide over a Civilization-Defining SCOTUS Decision

Mar 1, 2024

When the United States Supreme Court held in 2015 that the Fourteenth Amendment prohibited states from issuing marriage licenses to only male and female applicants, it didn’t expand the definition of marriage, but abolished it. Today David explains why this was a civilization defining decision, how gay rights lawyers are using it to redefine the parent-child relationship, and how certain Christian legal and policy organizations seem not to understand what happened to our nation.

Justice Alito Scorches Christian Policy Leaders and Pastors

Feb 23, 2024

This week Justice Alito released an opinion in a case in which Christians were presumed to be unfit to sit as jurors in a case involving a lesbian. David uses remarks from the Hale Institute’s Jeff Shafer and from Rosaria Butterfield to explain why Christian legal and policy leaders and pastors should have known such a result was coming. In doing so you will also learn how Christian organizations are working to “queer” parental rights in the states.

What Would Exercising Dominion in Law Look Like?

Feb 16, 2024

Do you think of the world as an allegory? If not, why not? Today David takes a look at those questions using exchanges between Choc Knox and Jason Farley and then explains how the “world as allegory” could better inform our understanding of the dominion mandate in relation to law and its development.

Lessons for the Dominion Mandate from Recent Pro-Abortion Victories

Feb 9, 2024

The United States Supreme Court’s abortion jurisprudence got better with the reversal of Roe v. Wade last summer. So, why, if the “law” got better at the constitutional level is the law in the states getting worse than under Roe’s abortion regime? David tackles that question using observations by Choc Knox, Jason Farley, and George Grant. The answer may surprise you.

Satan Clubs and the Cosmological Soil for Exercising Dominion

Feb 2, 2024

Today David uses the Satanic Temple’s description of its after school Satan Clubs, Karl Marx’s critique of religion, and an exchange between Jason Farley and George Grant to look at the fundamental change that took place in our “creation cosmology” and how that relates to the dominion mandate.

The Dominion Mandate Meets Positive Law

Jan 26, 2024

The proposed federal “Parental Rights and Responsibilities Act, and similar legislation in the states, may look like it is in furtherance of the dominion mandate, because parents have God-given rights and a God-given jurisdiction in relation to their children. Today David explains why there could be nothing further from the truth than that assumption.

Looking at the Dominion Mandate in Real Time

Jan 19, 2024

In recent years, the “dominion mandate” in Genesis 1 has come alive for many Christians. Today David begins a three-week series that looks at various considerations for its fulfillment. This week, he looks at its application in the context of abortion legislation, and the divisions it has exposed among Christians. Has this situation exposed something that must precede taming the wilderness?

How I Would Analyze and Vote on Upcoming Abortion Legislation

Jan 11, 2024

Today David explains why, if he were still a state Senator, he would evaluate forthcoming legislation in several states that would subject pregnant women to a criminal sanction through the prism of Matthew 6:33 and how he would do it. Then he will give the remarks he would provide in a legislative hearing. Finally, he closes with a challenge to Christians on both sides of the issue.

Re-Evaluating the Pro-Life Establishment’s Approach

Jan 5, 2024

Recent videos by EndAbortionNow have focused on two approaches often taken by mainline pro-life organizations to justify their approach to abortion legislation. David looks at those approaches, as well as his own in times past, to see if they align with the gospel. He points to aspects of the gospel that would have Christians re-calibrate their perspective on this and any number of other political and electoral issues.

Do Some Abortion Abolitionist Have a Gospel Problem?

Dec 29, 2023

A new video by EndAbortionNow.com asserts that women who make an abortion decision should be subject to criminal penalties. Some in the video contend that not doing so denies to her the gospel. Today, David uses Sinclair Ferguson’s The Whole Christ and Robert Haldane’s Exposition of Romans to consider whether such thinking reveals a problem with our understanding of the gospel.

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