Don’t Let the Fauci Grinches Steal Christmas

Dec 22, 2023 by David Fowler

Don’t Let the Fauci Grinches Steal Christmas
Every year the profundity of the Christmas story grows and matures in me. But I sense that Fauci Grinches have stolen from many Christians (I have been one of them) and from all others the most glorious and astounding good news they could ever hope to hear. Here is how they did it, and why they needed to. Please, don’t let their stealth down your chimney to steal the good news of Christmas from you!
I suspect most folks my age (65) and perhaps a bit younger know that Christmas in our country has been a Christian celebration involving the birth of a person named Jesus. They have probably heard about angels bringing glad tidings of His birth to shepherds, even if just in the songs of the season they hear on a Christmas playlist.
They may also know that Jesus’s mother, Mary, was a virgin. That’s in some of the songs, too. But that is where Fauci Grinches come in, full stop, to mute, if not outright steal, the glad tiding proclaimed to all that is the Christmas story. 
Without a virgin birth, the Christmas story’s glad tiding is a lie. Steal the virgin birth, and you steal Christmas (you eliminate Christianity, actually). Any good news inherent in the Second Person of the ontologically one God is reduced to nothing more than another birth announcement from the Duggars or Nick Cannon.
In Part II, I’ll explain why it’s incredibly great news that God took on human flesh in a virgin’s womb—what Christians call the Incarnation—but we must first understand how the Fauci Grinches stole the news of the Incarnation from our hearts and minds. Then I’ll explain why I think they did.
Part I: Identifying Fauci Grinches
When Fauci proclaimed during the COVID period “I am science,” he was personifying what so many of today’s empirical measurers and manipulators of stuff—scientists—believe, namely, everything can be explained by the operation of natural laws.
Scottish philosopher David Hume cast an unanswerable doubt on that idea, which Immanuel Kant tried to solve by shoving God out of the natural world into a mysterious, ethereal realm that he said could not be known. And particle physics left scientists observing phenomena that logical reasoning could not explain. That is a “mystery” they are apparently willing to live with unlike the mystery of the Incarnation. Nevertheless, they succeeded in getting the masses to accept their assertion that everything can be explained rationally by strictly natural causes.
The thought of a God whose incorporeality puts Him outside their limited formulation for what can constitute knowledge—empiricism—was an anathema to their system, and for reasons I’ll explain in Part II.
Because they are empiricists, the idea of Deity taking on human flesh—known as the Incarnation—is, of course, irrational; it can’t be proved empirically, so it can’t count as knowledge.  To believe in the incarnation is, therefore, stupid and ignorant.
The Fauci Grinch Fallacy and Why We Believe It
Ironically, the rationality of the reason these scientific empiricists insist on when it comes to God and the Incarnation can’t be proved empirically. When reason can be put on a scale or seen under a microscope to prove that reason is a corporeal bit of stuff that can be empirically measured, not an assumed incorporeal premise dragged into their system of knowledge, I’ll concede that stuff is all there is.
Unfortunately, our educational systems have indoctrinated so many of us with strict empiricism that we are unable to think rationally about its limits as a ground for all knowledge. If we could escape the empiricists’ imaginary world, we would realize they are playing a sleight of hand game with us.
The game? They insist at the outset that there cannot be any God who created anything, and then, because we’re wowed by advances legitimately made by scientific empiricists, we either naively believe them when they say there is no proof of God, as if it is God who must be proved.
But why must they deny the existence of a God who creates from nothing? I believe it’s because a virgin carrying a child in her womb is not irrational if there is a God who can create and has created out of nothing.
Why, though, would this God-Man born of a virgin womb be such an anathema to them? Why must Christmas be transformed into a “holiday” instead of a celebration of Jesus being born of a virgin?
Part II: Why the Fauci Grinches Had to Steal Christmas and Transform It.
Who in their right mind could be opposed to what the Incarnation presents to us, if they know what it presents?
The Christmas story presents us with the claim that God has made human beings in such a way that He, who is incorporeal in His essence, could inhabit them and in doing so, begin to transform them into beings who, individually and as part of a larger whole (humanity), could eternally participate in the indissoluble love of pure and unconflicted devotion that exists in the very nature of God in the relationship between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
Think of it: A God who is not an abstract proposition but personal because He exists in perfect unity as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and who eternally lacks nothing (meaning He didn’t, doesn’t, and won’t ever lack anything!), especially the kind of love we would crave if we could think beyond sensual pleasure and other forms of selfishly turning in on ourselves. And that kind of God, because He is love, chooses to create so He could share that love with those He creates, and they could share in His love. This is the greatest conception of God ever expressed. It is the greatest offer ever made!
But that’s not all. This incarnational love of God is transformative precisely because it is not tinctured or tainted by our creaturely frailties that lead to conflict, rivalry, and shame. And that is so because the flesh and human nature taken on by the Son of God in the person of Jesus was formed in the womb by God, not a man or a woman as imperfect creatures. Mary’s virginity serves to make this point dramatically and unequivocally.
How does that help us, even if true? Glad you asked. When, by the Holy Spirit we are joined to Jesus, we can receive from the outflow of His perfect humanity by the work of the Holy Spirit in us the kind of love we humans can’t gin up on our own.
Again, all that is irrational only if you exclude the possibility of a God who is so great that He can create from nothing. And that brings us back to the Fauci Grinches.
What the Fauci Grinches Hear at Christmas
Like the sound of a Whoville Christmas to the Grinch’s ears, the glad tidings of this kind of forever love of God being offered to all who believe is for the Fauci Grinches just “noise, noise, noise!”
It’s noise because in an act of audacious covetousness against God, they despise what He freely offers because they cannot possess the ultimate and complete (infinite) knowledge, wisdom, power, and authority that must be God’s alone, or God is not God.
They will have nothing to do with what God freely offers if they cannot be God. As Nietzsche wrote in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, “There cannot be a God because if there were one, I could not believe that I was not He.” That’s their root problem; they are jealous of God.
So, like so many toys that must be confiscated, Fauci Grinches must banish God from everyone’s hearts and minds lest thoughts of the love of God get out of hand. In Grinch-like fashion, these strict empiricists seem to have decided that if they can find no love and pleasure in God, they will make sure no one else can imagine the possibility.
I think Fauci Grinches are beings whose hearts and minds are “two sizes too small” compared to God’s. If we keep that in mind, they can’t steal from us the incomparably glorious good news that is the Christmas story.

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