David Fowler’s Speaking Topics

FACT President David Fowler is able to tailor his remarks to your audience, but the following are the topics on which he most often speaks.

These speaking topics can serve as a keynote address for your organization or church and can be combined to provide either half-day or full-day seminars.

Several of the topics have already been combined in our full-day seminar called Stand for Truth.


Politics and the Greatest Commandments

Today it seems that politics is one of the quickest ways to lose friends and turn people off to the Gospel.  The term “the politics of hate” didn’t evolve for no reason.  In this presentation, I share how a biblical worldview relative to politics actually intersects with the two greatest commandments:  To love God and love our neighbor.

Power Politics According to the Bible

In politics it often seems like what is best for our nation and communities gets lost in the battle for power, to be in control. But when we see that all power ultimately comes from God and finds its source in Him, it transforms  “power politics” into a form of “stewardship politics”  that transcends both civic duty and partisanship for both the Christian citizen and elected official.

The Politics of Loving God

Can you really love God and be politically involved?  Can you really love God and not be politically involved?  In this presentation, I address these two questions from a biblical worldview and share how my wrestling over these questions has challenged me to consider what I say I believe about God and what my life says I really believe.

The Glory of God in Marriage

In less than a generation society’s views on human sexuality and marriage have changed dramatically.  Even many Christians are no longer sure what they believe in these areas.  In this presentation, I cut to the heart of the issue by putting marriage in the context of Creation and the Fall.  In that context, we can see why the meaning of marriage in a society is so important to God and should be to us.

The Deadly “C’s” of Cultural Captivity

The tendency is for unchecked power to increase and for those imbued with power to abuse it. And if we are not careful, the cords of political power so wrap around us that we can become captives in our own land.  In this presentation, I will share encouraging examples from my political experience where people made a difference and the major things that, in my years of experience, I believe keep us from making a difference in the laws that govern us.

Climbing Over the Wall

Thomas Jefferson’s phrase, “separation of church and state,” has become a touchstone of litigation in recent years as the tension between the “establishment of religion” and “religious liberty” clauses in the First Amendment increases.  In this presentation, we’ll learn the historical truth behind that phrase, the truth about the First Amendment from a long-ignored Constitutional scholar and early Supreme Court Justice, and, just as importantly, the change in worldview upon which the Supreme Court built the wall.

Deconstructing the Family Legally

There is no doubt that the “traditional family”—a married mom and dad with children—is becoming something of the past.  And nothing illuminates this change in the understanding of family more than the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court over the last 30 years.  In this presentation, I help the audience see the shift in worldview reflected in the decisions of the Court and how that shift paved the way for the view of the family that currently pervades our society.  Through this presentation the important influence the law has on society will be made clear.

Forging a New Kind of Progressivism

C.S. Lewis said that when you are headed in the wrong direction, the most progressive man is the man who goes back to where he got off track to get back on the right road.  With so many Americans believing our country is headed in the wrong direction, we’ll only make progress if we find out where we veered off course.  In this presentation, we start at our nation’s beginning, with our Declaration of Independence, to examine where we went wrong and what will be required to get us back on the way forward.

From Private Life to Public Square

Sometimes what we believe about God and what we do don’t connect.  In this presentation, I share how a traumatic turn of events challenged me to connect real life to my beliefs and how that led me on the adventure of a lifetime—the journey from the private life of practicing law to the public square.

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